About Us

Building with integrity.
Working with Innovation.
Transforming the Horizons.

It all started with the 'Sawa Hardware' store in 1971, but we entered the world of construction with "Payal Cinema' in 1980, a project that laid the foundation of a legacy that would redefine Jamshedpur, its culture, its skyline and its way of life. In the last four decades, Jamshedpur has seen a physical manifestation of what Aakash India envisioned. Our legacy stands tall not just with what we created but also with a large pool of satisfied customer bases. It is a family-run business that sees every customer as a member of the family. We've completed 25 projects and our ongoing flagship project Aakash Riviera is a gateway to global living. Nestled in the lap of the hills with super-luxurious apartments, duplexes, and an exclusive clubhouse, it stands as a testimony to the vision of Aakash India.

Our Vision

  • To bring forth exceptional & consistent customer experience 100% of the time.
  • To embrace fresh and bold ways of thinking and execute them to perfection.
  • To maintain an ethical & transparent philosophy in all we do.
  • To be responsive and available to our customers.
  • To ensure a detail-oriented & authentic approach to our work ensuring consistent quality.
  • To work with people with a shared vision and truly love what we do!

Our Mission

  • To always hold ourselves accountable for the highest levels of expertise, honesty, and innovativeness.
  • To put our clients’ interests above our own and create a positive and lasting impact.
  • To commit to excellence and world-class service.
  • To work as a team without losing individual and unique perspectives.
  • To appreciate that all we achieve is the culmination of efforts by each team member, our families, and our clients.
  • To consistently perform in direct alignment with our mission statement.

Core Values

Inspired to excel. Driven to make a difference.

  • To hold ourselves accountable to the value of always innovating and leading the company towards newer, bigger horizons.
  • To never settle and maintain our high standards of quality.
  • To honor our commitment towards building enduring relationships within our in-house team as well as with our loyal customers.
  • To redefine ourselves by embracing accountability for our actions and focusing on solutions more.
  • To persevere with integrity to become the best at what we do.
  • To be proactive in all we do, constantly improve ourselves, and motivate others to do their best.
  • To be truly grateful for all that we have achieved and keep striving to do better.